On my TBR stack

What is better than reading a book in the afternoon on a rainy day? Or a sunny day? Or in the evening, or the morning, or … well, reading is just one of my longtime hobbies. As a baby I loved look at magazines apparently and as a 5 year old I made myself read books that I knew by heart. My love for books and stories led me to study English Literature and then work in a bookstore while going to uni. But after 10 years of working in a bookstore and reading everything that came my way, I was done with reading. It stopped being fun so I stopped reading. Besides, that coincided with my guy moving in with me and we had … other things to do. Continue Reading

50 Films to watch before you’re 11 (or whenever)

My grandfather took me to see my first film in cinema when I was nearly 6. I remember it clearly. Of course I had seen films on television, but to see one on the big screen with my hero (my grandfather was the best) was an adventure. We saw Pet’s Dragon, the original of course. Now you know how old I am, approximately. And though that film is not on The List, it started a life-long fascination with films. Continue Reading

Questions on writing

Why write? I suppose writing is one of the things I should be writing about. Because I have a really complicated relationship with writing. I hate writing, I love writing. It has possibly given me the best thing that has happened to me. And it has frustrated me to no end. To explore writing, I will be tackling the 100 questions I found on this Dutch writing website.

Why did you even start writing?

Do I have to have a reason? Must I answer each question with another question? Why don’t you tell me? No, seriously. I started writing when I could hold a pen and form letters that made up words and sentences. I hated the actual act of writing, probably because my letter-writing at age 7 was labourious and slow. My mind went a lot faster than my fingers could push my pen. But I loved stories. I have a very precious notebook, in which my grandmother wrote my stories. In her beautiful and old-fashioned longhand she wrote down stories that were about elves, and kings, and queens and talking cats. So that’s when I started writing. But why?

What’s your motivation?

I want to tell stories! I want to explore things, situation, scenarios, characters and worlds. Do you understand that theory of parallel universes, created by each possible outcome of each possible decision? That’s what I want to capture, somehow. I know we live here and now. But what if … ? The possibilities are endless.

What are your expectations?

What I expect from my writing is that, no matter how I hate it, or frustrates me, it should give me some sense of satisfaction. The more I polish a story and edit it to perfection, the better I feel about it. But even sending out a diamond in the rough, so to speak, can be good already.

What are your possibilities?

I can write in two languages. But I suspect I am better at expressing myself in one of the two. Sometimes I wish I did not have to pick one language, but that I could use both to tell the entire story. I can write for me, and my guy, and be happy with it. But I do have the option to share my writing online, on my domains or my Wattpad account. I can publish without too much trouble or investment, for now. And I am old enough to stop being insecure, old enough to use my life experience and knowledge to help tell my stories even better.

Next installment the next few questions, about what I loe to write most of all.