Questions on writing

Why write? I suppose writing is one of the things I should be writing about. Because I have a really complicated relationship with writing. I hate writing, I love writing. It has possibly given me the best thing that has happened to me. And it has frustrated me to no end. To explore writing, I will be tackling the 100 questions I found on this Dutch writing website.

Why did you even start writing?

Do I have to have a reason? Must I answer each question with another question? Why don’t you tell me? No, seriously. I started writing when I could hold a pen and form letters that made up words and sentences. I hated the actual act of writing, probably because my letter-writing at age 7 was labourious and slow. My mind went a lot faster than my fingers could push my pen. But I loved stories. I have a very precious notebook, in which my grandmother wrote my stories. In her beautiful and old-fashioned longhand she wrote down stories that were about elves, and kings, and queens and talking cats. So that’s when I started writing. But why?

What’s your motivation?

I want to tell stories! I want to explore things, situation, scenarios, characters and worlds. Do you understand that theory of parallel universes, created by each possible outcome of each possible decision? That’s what I want to capture, somehow. I know we live here and now. But what if … ? The possibilities are endless.

What are your expectations?

What I expect from my writing is that, no matter how I hate it, or frustrates me, it should give me some sense of satisfaction. The more I polish a story and edit it to perfection, the better I feel about it. But even sending out a diamond in the rough, so to speak, can be good already.

What are your possibilities?

I can write in two languages. But I suspect I am better at expressing myself in one of the two. Sometimes I wish I did not have to pick one language, but that I could use both to tell the entire story. I can write for me, and my guy, and be happy with it. But I do have the option to share my writing online, on my domains or my Wattpad account. I can publish without too much trouble or investment, for now. And I am old enough to stop being insecure, old enough to use my life experience and knowledge to help tell my stories even better.

Next installment the next few questions, about what I loe to write most of all.