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  • An End to Streaming?

    An End to Streaming?

    “Why Don’t You Have Netflix Yet?” or “Ever Since I Started Streaming, I’ve Saved So Much Money on DVDs!” These were the comments when Netflix first emerged, and they didn’t particularly excite me. We had no interest in Netflix because there was nothing on it that we watched. So, jokingly, I said, “If Star Trek…

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    • D&D: Honor Among Thieves, unconventional heroes

      D&D: Honor Among Thieves, unconventional heroes

      Dungeons & Dragons is quite the rage these days when it comes to gaming. You step into the shoes of a character, part of a team, with a game master who throws your group into all sorts of thrilling challenges. It seems like such a simple task to use these building blocks to create an…

    • The Boston Strangler: Journalist Investigates Killings

      The Boston Strangler: Journalist Investigates Killings

      On Thursdays, we watch a lot of true crime documentaries. Not because I particularly enjoy them, but despite that, I watch them with interest. Consequently, I’ve also started watching more movies based on true crimes lately. So when The Boston Strangler came up (as a film), it seemed intriguing to me. Fortunately, it’s not just…

  • Babe: pigs and dogs

    Some movies are cozy to watch, and then there’s Babe. At first glance, Babe seems like a sweet family film, with talking animals in a cheerful, colorful world – the perfect feel-good movie, especially around the holidays. But within the first five minutes, you realize it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Happily, younger eyes see…

  • Disco Dancing: Saturday Night Fever

    There’s a lot to be said about Saturday Night Fever. That it was based on a fabrication of New York’s disco culture. That it’s dated. That it lacks nice, wholesome characters. But despite all that, I believe the film still has something to say. That appearances can be deceiving, and that a superficial judgment does…

  • Doctor Who: longest running SF show

    Formerly, before the internet, I used to read a lot and watch a lot of television. That has all changed now, thanks to the internet and growing up. But there’s still one program, one series, where my guy and I sit down to watch. And that’s Doctor Who, on BBC1, on Saturday evenings. Doctor Who…

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Daenelia. I enjoy watching TV Series, Movies as well as reading books and playing games.

I am a big Star Trek fan, together with my guy. We both like grown up science fiction and fantasy. And we also play Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, we’re pretty nerdy and geeky.

But I don’t limit myself to just two genres. I like to watch comedy, cartoons, drama, thrillers and horror.

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