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  • Weekly Watch #2

    Weekly Watch #2

    Last month we made a slight change in our weekly TV schedule. We also added a lot of things to the shows we want to watch, as usual. I still like to stick to one show per evening, but it is getting harder with all the tv series that are available now. If anything, I would be happier if we had one evening where we did not watch any tv (or youtube, or anything, really). And we don’t have to, of course. Anyway, here is what we watch for the next few weeks. You may notice a leaning towards Star Trek.

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    • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

      Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

      You may have noticed I am a bit of a Star Trek fan. Apparently, Star Trek has been a ‘silent’ franchise (as I read in an article on a Dutch news site). Which is weird to me, because it has been present in my life as loud as it can be. Lots of things happened in my life because of Star Trek.Let me tell you why watching Strange New Worlds could be fun, even if you’re not a fan … yet.

    • West Side Story: from stage to film

      West Side Story: from stage to film

      West Side Story is a film from 2021 … No, wait: it’s from 1961 and it … Hold on: it’s originally a Broadway musical, for the theatre or, no, stop: it’s really just based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Gosh. As a Shakespeare groupie, I am amazed at how enduring and versatile the story is. (Dig deeper: Romeo and Juliet wasn’t really thought up exclusively by the Bard, either.) Why won’t we let this story go? What makes it so enduring?

  • Only Murders in the Building: who-dunnit?

    Murder mysteries can be a great vehicle for drama and exploring characters. The series Only Murders in the Building adds comedy to the mix and it became irresistible to me. I only started watching because I was bored. Then I became quite intrigued and invested. I discovered there was an extra layer that you don’t see right away. The hidden tragedies of people’s lives.

  • Downsizing: it’s a small world …?

    Imagine there was a way to make people smaller, physically. It would solve so many problems. Houses would be smaller, fewer resources would be used and think of how good it would be for the planet! A brilliant solution. Too bad it is fantasy. That’s why it is fun to watch the film Downsizing.

  • Better Call Saul: our Monday night

    Monday nights are hard. It’s the first workday after the weekend and then we just want to fall into a series that surprises us enough to make us forget it’s another 4 days until the next weekend. And for me personally: a series that gives me an excuse to not think of the unfinished laundry just yet. Better Call Saul, the spinoff of Breaking Bad, is just that, But why watch a series that is a prequel where you know how it’s going to end? Well, let me tell you why.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Daenelia. I enjoy watching TV Series, Movies as well as reading books and playing games.

I am a big Star Trek fan, together with my guy. We both like grown up science fiction and fantasy. And we also play Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, we’re pretty nerdy and geeky.

But I don’t limit myself to just two genres. I like to watch comedy, cartoons, drama, thrillers and horror.

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