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  • An End to Streaming?

    An End to Streaming?

    “Why Don’t You Have Netflix Yet?” or “Ever Since I Started Streaming, I’ve Saved So Much Money on DVDs!” These were the comments when Netflix first emerged, and they didn’t particularly excite me. We had no interest in Netflix because there was nothing on it that we watched. So, jokingly, I said, “If Star Trek…

  • D&D: Honor Among Thieves, unconventional heroes

    D&D: Honor Among Thieves, unconventional heroes

    Dungeons & Dragons is quite the rage these days when it comes to gaming. You step into the shoes of a character, part of a team, with a game master who throws your group into all sorts of thrilling challenges. It seems like such a simple task to use these building blocks to create an…

  • Weekly Watch #5

    Weekly Watch #5

    This week, not many new series. On Sunday, we’re finally diving into the third season of an old TV series on disc. And Saturday remains Star Trek night. Our new series on Sunday turns out to be a hit, and I’ve managed to squeeze in a spot in our TV schedule for… a very old…

  • Babylon, Hollywood in the beginning

    Babylon, Hollywood in the beginning

    The film Babylon is about the early days of Hollywood, the sunny place where the film industry took its first steps with silent black-and-white movies. The story follows an aging Hollywood star, a fresh young woman yearning for Hollywood glamour in her life and others drawn by the freedom and creativity that films offer. The…

  • Looking forward to new TV shows #2

    Looking forward to new TV shows #2

    Exciting new TV series are on the horizon, and I’ve handpicked a few, coincidentally all falling in the realm of fantasy!

  • Frasier, a spin-off that did well

    Frasier, a spin-off that did well

    Few spin-offs become bigger than the TV series they originated from. Frasier Crane was a character in Cheers, a sitcom from the 1980s. After Cheers ended, he got his own sitcom, but it was quite different from the series in which he was introduced. Frasier remained at the top for 11 seasons and will soon…

  • Weekly Watch #4

    Weekly Watch #4

    We’ve added some new series to our schedule again. It’s still challenging to stick to the schedule when you have so many exciting series to watch. So, the schedule remains much the same, but occasionally something sneaks in! On Mondays and Sundays, we now have two new series. Read on!

  • Proper Medical Drama: House MD

    Proper Medical Drama: House MD

    We watched the first five seasons years ago and then decided to stop. It was getting a bit repetitive: a critically ill patient comes into the hospital, Dr. House and his team try to treat them, and the first three attempts fail, but the fourth one does the trick. The formulaic repetition became a bit…

  • Weekly Watch #3

    Weekly Watch #3

    A new Weeky Watch list! What tv series have we finished and which ones are on our new list? Are we through with Better Call Saul? What tv show is putting me to sleep on Friday? If you are stuck and don’t know what to watch, read what we have been streaming lately.

  • Weekly Watch #2

    Weekly Watch #2

    Last month we made a slight change in our weekly TV schedule. We also added a lot of things to the shows we want to watch, as usual. I still like to stick to one show per evening, but it is getting harder with all the tv series that are available now. If anything, I…