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  • Weekly Watch #2

    Weekly Watch #2

    Last month we made a slight change in our weekly TV schedule. We also added a lot of things to the shows we want to watch, as usual. I still like to stick to one show per evening, but it is getting harder with all the tv series that are available now. If anything, I would be happier if we had one evening where we did not watch any tv (or youtube, or anything, really). And we don’t have to, of course. Anyway, here is what we watch for the next few weeks. You may notice a leaning towards Star Trek.

  • Weekly Watch #1

    Weekly Watch #1

    Every day of the week we watch one episode of a series together. On some days, we have time for breakfast shows, lunch shows (we work from home) and a nightcap show, to watch just before we go to bed. I guess part of me misses the programmed viewing I grew up on. Let me share what we are watching the coming weeks.

  • Respect: Biopic Aretha Franklin

    Respect: Biopic Aretha Franklin

    Aretha Franklin was the queen of soul and totally deserved to get her story out there on film. But Respect felt a little shallow and lacking in details. I enjoyed it because of the music. But I don’t feel like I watched a very real story of her life. I wonder why. Let’s see if I can get to the bottom of that. I will be spoiling a little, but hey: if you go to a wiki page, you get the whole story too.

  • 7 favourite 30 minutes tv series

    7 favourite 30 minutes tv series

    For a long time now, we watch short comedy shows or sitcoms right before we go to bed. It’s short and funny, which helps relax and sets a definite end to the day for us. We’ve watched everything from Friends, to M*A*S*H, to Community, but let me give you 6 more tips that you can find on streaming service and one that I hope will find its way there soon.

  • Looking forward to: tv trailers

    Looking forward to: tv trailers

    Sometimes I get really excited about trailers for an upcoming season of a TV show. That’s usually only for Star Trek series, as it is this time. But I can include some other shows I am a little excited for in this post. So what will we be watching?