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  • An End to Streaming?

    An End to Streaming?

    “Why Don’t You Have Netflix Yet?” or “Ever Since I Started Streaming, I’ve Saved So Much Money on DVDs!” These were the comments when Netflix first emerged, and they didn’t particularly excite me. We had no interest in Netflix because there was nothing on it that we watched. So, jokingly, I said, “If Star Trek…

  • Weekly Watch #5

    Weekly Watch #5

    This week, not many new series. On Sunday, we’re finally diving into the third season of an old TV series on disc. And Saturday remains Star Trek night. Our new series on Sunday turns out to be a hit, and I’ve managed to squeeze in a spot in our TV schedule for… a very old…

  • Breaking Bad: Your Teacher Is Only Human

    Breaking Bad: Your Teacher Is Only Human

    Breaking Bad is a series that began in 2008. We initially missed it, but more than two years ago, we finally decided to give it a shot. We had heard that the series was pretty good, but we didn’t truly grasp just how outstanding it was until we had watched all five seasons. Why should…

  • Great News, an easy and fun sitcom

    Great News, an easy and fun sitcom

    In this sitcom, the spotlight shines on Katie, a young woman employed as a journalist at a TV station. With her mother now having ample free time, she decides to join the station as an intern. Not a massive issue, but Mom is rather overbearing. In her eyes, Katie isn’t quite grown up enough to…

  • Looking forward to new TV shows #2

    Looking forward to new TV shows #2

    Exciting new TV series are on the horizon, and I’ve handpicked a few, coincidentally all falling in the realm of fantasy!

  • Film Weekend Tips #2: Some SF

    Film Weekend Tips #2: Some SF

    It’s quite clear where my preference lies when it comes to films, isn’t it? I’ve got three science fiction film recommendations for you and I’m absolutely certain that even non-scifi fans will enjoy them. That’s the beauty of science fiction: it often adds an extra layer to genres like thought-provoking films, comedies, or action movies.…

  • Weekly Watch #4

    Weekly Watch #4

    We’ve added some new series to our schedule again. It’s still challenging to stick to the schedule when you have so many exciting series to watch. So, the schedule remains much the same, but occasionally something sneaks in! On Mondays and Sundays, we now have two new series. Read on!

  • Explained: a documentary series

    Explained: a documentary series

    Explained is a Netflix TV series with short documentaries. Eachshort episode covers a topic in a very accessible way. Some episodes are better than others, so here I’ll share my 7 favorite episodes. Why 7? I have no idea. There hasn’t been an episode yet about why people prefer certain numbers over others.

  • Saturday Morning #2: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

    Saturday Morning #2: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

    Cartoons and animated series are wonderfully relaxing, in my opinion. When I was growing up, there was no TV in the morning and cartoons were only broadcast on Wednesday afternoons. It was only when TV started airing almost 24 hours a day that Saturday Morning Cartoons appeared on my radar. My teenage brain registered that…

  • Derry Girls: oh, to be a teenager

    Derry Girls: oh, to be a teenager

    Sitcoms about adolescence are so much fun because being a teenager is such a relatable and entertaining subject, even if you’re currently experiencing it yourself. There is Derry Girls, a funny show centered around four girls in the 90s (think Spice Girls era). Being a teenage girl is tough enough, but imagine being one in…