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  • D&D: Honor Among Thieves, unconventional heroes

    D&D: Honor Among Thieves, unconventional heroes

    Dungeons & Dragons is quite the rage these days when it comes to gaming. You step into the shoes of a character, part of a team, with a game master who throws your group into all sorts of thrilling challenges. It seems like such a simple task to use these building blocks to create an…

  • Saturday Morning #3: Vox Machina

    Saturday Morning #3: Vox Machina

    Turning a tabletop role-playing game (RPG) into a successful animated series isn’t something you hear about every day, but “Critical Role” achieved just that. It started as an attempt to create a single animated episode and turned into a full-fledged series with three seasons already. What makes The Legend of Vox Machina so enjoyable? And…

  • The Golden Compass and His Dark Materials

    The Golden Compass and His Dark Materials

    In 1995, the first book of the “His Dark Materials” trilogy was published. Philip Pullman crafted a rather robust young adult novel about a girl in a fantasy world that resembled our own but with a touch of magic. Not quite like Harry Potter, this was a darker world where girls (and boys) needed to…

  • The Princess Bride – my perfect film

    The Princess Bride – my perfect film

    One of my favorite movies is “The Princess Bride.” It’s a film suitable for children aged 7 and up (although these days, it’s typically rated for 12-year-olds). And it’s also incredibly enjoyable for adults. Fantasy, humor, romance – all in just the right proportions, in a story that’s perfectly crafted.

  • Coco, let’s celebrate life

    Coco, let’s celebrate life

    Coco is an incredibly cute family film. It’s a Pixar/Disney movie filled with catchy music and vibrant animation. However, the subject matter of the film isn’t typically associated with being cozy, fun, and cheerful in the Netherlands. It’s about death. How wonderful it is to use this film as a springboard to discuss such a…

  • Downsizing: it’s a small world …?

    Downsizing: it’s a small world …?

    Imagine there was a way to make people smaller, physically. It would solve so many problems. Houses would be smaller, fewer resources would be used and think of how good it would be for the planet! A brilliant solution. Too bad it is fantasy. That’s why it is fun to watch the film Downsizing.

  • 10 Romantic couples in movies

    10 Romantic couples in movies

    Romcoms are really not my thing. I don’t even get all that excited over purely romantic films. Still, there are some of my favourite films that happen to also have romance and romantic couples. So I’ll share those with you.

  • The Sandman: finally

    The Sandman: finally

    I don’t even remember the first book I ever read by Neil Gaiman. It could very well have been American Gods, which blew me away with its dialogue and well wrought fully fleshed out world. But it took me a while to switch over to his comic book series The Sandman. Not because I don’t…