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  • Babe: pigs and dogs

    Babe: pigs and dogs

    Some movies are cozy to watch, and then there’s Babe. At first glance, Babe seems like a sweet family film, with talking animals in a cheerful, colorful world – the perfect feel-good movie, especially around the holidays. But within the first five minutes, you realize it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Happily, younger eyes see…

  • The Golden Compass and His Dark Materials

    The Golden Compass and His Dark Materials

    In 1995, the first book of the “His Dark Materials” trilogy was published. Philip Pullman crafted a rather robust young adult novel about a girl in a fantasy world that resembled our own but with a touch of magic. Not quite like Harry Potter, this was a darker world where girls (and boys) needed to…

  • The Princess Bride – my perfect film

    The Princess Bride – my perfect film

    One of my favorite movies is “The Princess Bride.” It’s a film suitable for children aged 7 and up (although these days, it’s typically rated for 12-year-olds). And it’s also incredibly enjoyable for adults. Fantasy, humor, romance – all in just the right proportions, in a story that’s perfectly crafted.

  • Weekend Film Tips #1: Music!

    Weekend Film Tips #1: Music!

    There’s nothing better than finding time on the weekend to watch a movie. But sometimes, it’s hard to navigate through the countless streaming options. While it may be easy to find something enjoyable in your DVD/Blu-ray collection, where can you stream the best films? I’m here to give you three tips that can help you…

  • Coco, let’s celebrate life

    Coco, let’s celebrate life

    Coco is an incredibly cute family film. It’s a Pixar/Disney movie filled with catchy music and vibrant animation. However, the subject matter of the film isn’t typically associated with being cozy, fun, and cheerful in the Netherlands. It’s about death. How wonderful it is to use this film as a springboard to discuss such a…