Privacy statement is my personal and business site, in combination with my spreadshirt webshop Design By Daenelia. It is important that you know and understand how I use information from guests and customers. So read this!

What data and information does store?

Not much, but some. As of this moment there is no direct sales transaction on my site, but there is one on my spreadshirt shop. See Spreadshirt for more information about how they (and my shop with them) handle your customer data.

On I can see IP adresses, emails that have been added by visitors to the newsletter mailing list and names, emailadresses, URLs and comments that have been added to posts on the site.

This information is not sold or shared to anyone and only used by to make sure some functions of the site function. Anyone can ask for deletion of any bit of data that they’ve left behind on the site.

I do make regular backups, which will never be held for longer than 6 months (as the new backup is made, I delete the oldest ones).

Who sees the data and your information? is the only party really interested in your data, and most of that (comments and (nick)names) will be public anyway, as they are published under posts on my site. I do work with some other third-parties who portentially have access to some data.

  1. Antagonist BV: my hosting party. They handle the servers and stuff. But they promised me they’ll be careful with your and my information through their own GDPR statement and ‘verwerkersverklaring’.
  2. Mailpoet: the mailing plugin I use for mailinglists. Since all information and emailadresses are stored on my site and not external, Mailpoet can’t do much with your data as they should not have access to it directly.
  3. Defiance: they make the antispam and security plugin I use. They can see IP adresses to help me protect the site from anything bad (and therefore from anything bad happening with your data). They also have a statement regarding how they handle data.
  4. Statcounter: they provide me with web analytics. This means they show IP adresses, first time visit, returning visits and visit time (as far as they can interpret) on an account I have with them. This account is only visible to me and password protected. I will not sells this data, but I may have to use anonimized data from that account to show how many visitors has had. This will never be tied to any comments you have left behind.
  5. Google (of course): I use Google Analytics to optimise my website. Be aware that Google knows everything. Everything. I don’t get as much information out of Google Analytics, and it is all anonimised, but as I always say: the internet is a public place.
  6. WordPress: the CMS (content management system or blog system) I use may connect your emailadress to things such as Gravatar to show your avatar. Of course it registers your comments, but they are not shared with WordPress.

How long do I keep details

Your comments are part of the interaction and it is unlikely I will delete them randomly (though you can ask me to do so!). The web analytics are limited, and are only kept for about a year, depending on how much traffic there is: more traffic, shorter storage time. Your emailadresses for the mailinglist are kept as long as I intend to sent out newsletters, but you can always opt-out.

How to access the data has that is tied to you and your privacy

Just contact me 🙂 You can contact me through jkc*vdberg*(a)hot*mail.*com (Just delete the * and replace (a) with the at-symbol).

I’ll sent you details on what I have, then you can let me know if you want anything removed.

The bottomline is that the information you leave behind, voluntary through comments or involuntary by visiting the site and becoming part of the web analytics, will not be forwarded or sold to other parties. If I become aware that other parties I work with don’t stick to this, I will take steps to stop working with them.

The information I do see and use, will be used to help me help you, to make sure the site works and is secure and to help me get my products to the people that are interested in them. That’s it.

But you can always contact me with questions.