About Daenelia

Hi! You are here because you want to know more about Daenelia. Daenelia is my online nickname and identity. My name is Joyce van den Berg. You can find me on LinkedIn at Joyce Thompson-van den Berg.


Dutch and English are the languages I speak and write. I am equally fluent in both languages, because I started learning them around the same time.

Fun fact: I have had the pleasure of explaining some obscure English words to my British partner. Until he threw the word ‘tannoy’ at me. It confused me. What’s a tannoy? It’s the public announcement audio system used in shops, for instance. I learned a new word!

Writes texts

It could be that my bilingual-ness helped my focus on language and communication. The written word fascinates me. On the one hand language is preserved in written texts, on the other hand it shows how fast language cn change. The way we speak and write now will surely change and our current era will be defined by the language we use now.

Fun fact: in primary school in The Netherlands I was of course taught to write, using a pencil at first. I hated the act of writing and I prefered to write using the old-fashioned typewriter in class. What’s a typewriter? A computer without a screen or memory …

Builds websites

I’m from before the time of public internet. I can recognize the tones of a modem, my first pc was a 386 and I know Windows from number 3.11. Actually, I also started learning HTML quite quick and made websites. I had a tiny bit of space from my ISP and codes my site in Notepad. I feel as if I’ve always done this.

Fun fact: While writing HTML pages was a hobby of mine, I explained the basics to a 13 year old girl online. Less than 6 months later she showed me the website she had set up for her mother’s business. I was never more proud.

Takes photo’s and draws

My creativity does not limit itself to the written word: I also draw and illustrate. And I like capturing moments with my photo camera. Communicating with images is also something that fascinates me.

Fun fact: all my interests come together in our hobby Dungeons & Dragons. Writing, telling stories, illustrations … Daenelia is also the name of one of my characters.

Want to see some old drawings? I have plenty of things online. Go to Drawception, my pixel dolls site or my old deviantART.

Loves her roomies

We live together with 1 cat and a chihuahua. We managed to have the chihuahua respond to both Dutch and English commands. Of course the cat does his best to ignore all commands in either language.