In this sitcom, the spotlight shines on Katie, a young woman employed as a journalist at a TV station. With her mother now having ample free time, she decides to join the station as an intern. Not a massive issue, but Mom is rather overbearing. In her eyes, Katie isn’t quite grown up enough to handle things on her own. After all, the outside world is a perilous place, right? And therein lies the humor in Great News.


I once had a summer job at the company where my mother worked, even in the same department. I insisted on addressing her by her first name, yet the occasional “mom” would still slip out. Thankfully, my mother wasn’t as intense as Katie’s, or I would’ve fled after just 3 days (though I was a teenager then: everything was awkward).

Katie also easily falls into adolescent behavior, which naturally gives her mother reason to become even more mothering. Thankfully, this isn’t the only dimension of the series. Alongside Katie and her mother, we have the rest of the team. The seasoned news anchor, who refuses to acknowledge his prime is past. The young news presenter who’s only interested in fluffy topics. The editor who must keep everything on track, though lacking much experience himself. All wonderful characters.

Light and Breezy

Sometimes, you just want a simple premise for a comedy series. Not too complex, not too dull. Great News is guarenteed to give you a half-hour of laughter. The density of jokes is quite high, to the point where we occasionally missed a punchline setup because so much was happening. These aren’t intricate jokes demanding intense contemplation. Rather, they’re charming scenes that wrap around you like a cozy blanket. Very comfortable.

It’s also relatable. Even if you don’t have a mother (or father) who constantly calls, cooks for you, or sorts out your affairs, you might still recognize the workplace situations at the TV station in Great News. Colleagues doing their own thing despite the need for collaboration. Or the generation gap between the older news anchor and the younger presenter. All very amusing. And there is office romance, but also rivalry and resentment.

Short but Sweet at 23 Episodes

The TV series was canceled after 2 seasons. With just 23 episodes, it’s perfect for a binge-watching session. If you’re into 30 Rock (apparently, because I haven’t seen it yet) or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (I have seen this and it’s terrific), then you might enjoy this series as well. It’s from the same creators/producers, offering a similar style of humor. Though I found Kimmy Schmidt funnier, these shows are close in style and themes.

Great News is an ideal choice for family viewing. Isn’t it sweet to occasionally poke fun at your own mother, pointing out that she might be a bit like Katie’s mom? All in good spirits, of course. But it’s mainly ideal because I don’t think anyone could take offense at the topics in the series. It’s fun, it stays fun, and it demonstrates that humor doesn’t always have to be controversial to be funny. I highly recommend it!

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