It’s quite clear where my preference lies when it comes to films, isn’t it? I’ve got three science fiction film recommendations for you and I’m absolutely certain that even non-scifi fans will enjoy them. That’s the beauty of science fiction: it often adds an extra layer to genres like thought-provoking films, comedies, or action movies. So, if you’re into drama, take a look at my list for this weekend as well.


Downsizing isn’t about minimizing and decluttering your excess belongings. No, it’s about literally shrinking yourself to live a less burdensome life. Imagine having a bigger house, but on a dollhouse scale! It reminded me of those old books about Pinkeltje, a tiny community of people no bigger than your pinkie. I always fantasized about living in a dollhouse—it seemed ideal, right? However, this film shows that even with this solution, not all problems vanish, and it might even lead to new societal challenges.


Moon is a bit less whimsical. Imagine signing a 3-year contract to work on the moon all by yourself. You have video connections with friends and family, but otherwise… you’re alone. Would you do it and do you think it’s healthy? Sam Rockwell plays such a man in this film, approaching the end of his contract, eagerly anticipating going back home. Of course, something goes wrong!

Galaxy Quest

In Galaxy Quest, Sam Rockwell portrays a more comedic role, thankfully. A group of actors who became famous as heroes aboard a spaceship in a TV show find themselves embroiled in a real galactic battle. There’s plenty to laugh about here. Alongside Sam Rockwell, you’ll also see Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman. It’s actors playing actors, who play heroes. Quite intriguing!

Extra Tips:

If these don’t pique your interest, consider checking out The Martian. In this film, a man gets stranded alone on Mars and must survive. It’s all very scientific and believable. Or for a real spoof that parodies everything science fiction or Star Wars, watch Spaceballs. And if you ever feel like watching a true Star Trek film, go for The Wrath of Khan. In this second film of the original cast, there’s suspense and iconic scenes. Plenty of tips to fill your weekend with excitement.

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