Cartoons and animated series are wonderfully relaxing, in my opinion. When I was growing up, there was no TV in the morning and cartoons were only broadcast on Wednesday afternoons. It was only when TV started airing almost 24 hours a day that Saturday Morning Cartoons appeared on my radar. My teenage brain registered that as ‘Ahhh, weekend.’ One of the series we recently watched together on Saturday mornings was She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It reminded me of those wonderful saturday morning moments.

Is it Suitable for Kids?

Not all cartoons are suitable for all children, at all ages. She-Ra is probably suitable for kids aged 10 and up, I think, but it can be a bit scary at times. There are scenes with threats, conflicts, and monsters, so a child needs to be able to handle that. Overall I find the episodes to be optimistic. Yes, things may go wrong sometimes, but when you work together, you can always find a solution. That seems to be the message.

The series is also fun for adults. Maybe not so much for fans of the original series, as this one is quite different and stands on its own. But there’s humor and deep emotional moments. Even though the series is set in a fantasy world, many things are relatable, such as wanting to be yourself or losing your best friend. It’s all presented in a rather simple way, but that’s what makes it sweet and cozy.

Favorite Characters

The main character is She-Ra, but she’s actually the alter-ego of Adora. Adora is a young girl who was raised and indoctrinated by the Horde. Only when she meets people outside of the Horde does she realize how suffocating and wrong it is. Adora then joins the Princesses of Power, who fight for goodness and freedom on the planet Etheria. She-Ra is a mythical figure that Adora can transform into by raising a sword in the air. Yes, it’s a simple concept.

Aside from Adora, there are her companions and they’re all good characters. Adora’s greatest enemy is her former best friend, Catra. Catra and Scorpia work together to undermine the Princesses, so the Horde can rule over the planet. Catra is a delightful anti-hero, but Scorpia is one of my favorite characters. Scorpia is, in a way, very naive and has a negative self-image. As the series progresses, you learn more about her background, and she undergoes a beautiful character development.

Relax and Enjoy

The TV series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is wonderfully relaxing to watch. The combination of character growth and humor is delightful. You quickly learn that there are no purely good or purely evil characters. Everyone has their shades of gray and might do something unexpected.

I’ve already watched the series twice, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I start a third round. It’s cheerful, thrilling, funny, and it also carries some depth. But it’s not overly moralistic (and anyone who finds it that way might not be looking at the story in the best way). I don’t think you can regret trying at least a few episodes.

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