There was a trailer that caught my attention, and I thought, “Oh! It’s time for a blog post about new movies!” And yes, this is an easy post because it mainly consists of links to trailers. But maybe you haven’t added these films to your watchlist yet and you might want to consider them. From the previous list, I ended up watching two films: Confess, Fletch (it was decent) and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (unfortunately, it was a letdown). I’m curious to see which films will meet my expectations.


A biopic. With Joaquin Phoenix. And it’s historical. I’m already ecstatic about it! Phoenix already showed his exceptional acting skills in Gladiator. He has also appeared in well-known films such as Walk the Line (as Johnny Cash) and The Joker (as Batman’s Joker). But it’s through his “smaller” films that I’ve truly come to appreciate him. It’s hard to say what qualifies as a smaller film because when I look at his filmography, there are such impressive titles. Until 5 minutes ago, I had no interest in Napoleon. But now, I suddenly want to learn everything about him.

Corner Office

Something different. Another great actor. Jon Hamm became most famous for Mad Men, the TV series about an advertising company. In Mad Men, his character had a corner office, right? The most prestigious office in a building is a corner office: windows on two sides and often slightly more spacious than standard offices. In this film, there seems to be a secret office that resembles the one in Mad Men. But that’s probably just a coincidence.

One Love

Biopics. Music. Peace. This film has been long overdue. Bob Marley showed that music can truly make an impact. That you can convey a message that not everyone may want to hear but needs to be spoken. I’m very curious about it. The trailer looks promising, but it often happens that only the best parts are included in the trailer, and the rest of the film disappoints. I hope that’s not the case here.

White Bird

Wow. It’s difficult to find a film with two amazing actresses. But in White Bird, we have Gillian Anderson and Helen Mirren. Based on a book (which I still need to read) about World War II and how even in the darkest times, you can still help each other. It looks beautiful.

And also …

Let’s add a few more trailers, just because we can. It remains a fact that I can’t find any blockbuster films with a female lead, except for Barbie. Strange, right? So, let’s go with Next Goal Wins, a film about soccer.

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