Sitcoms about adolescence are so much fun because being a teenager is such a relatable and entertaining subject, even if you’re currently experiencing it yourself. There is Derry Girls, a funny show centered around four girls in the 90s (think Spice Girls era). Being a teenage girl is tough enough, but imagine being one in Northern Ireland during a tumultuous period of violence. Yet, somehow, the show manages to find humor.!

Puberty and Friendships

Meet Erin, a 16-year-old attending a school run by nuns, which was quite common back in the 1990s. Though it’s an all-girls school, an English boy somehow ends up joining as well. Erin thinks she’s quite mature at 16, while considering her friends to be a bit childish. But let’s be honest, don’t we all feel that way at that age?

Each episode takes you back to those awkward moments of your own teenage years. Whether it’s having your diary “accidentally” read or preparing for an important exam, you’ll recognize these experiences. The series also delves into the family stories, featuring annoying uncles, aunts seeking romance, and mothers who just can’t seem to understand their daughters. Of course, there are also clashes between the personalities of the friends, with all those little arguments and awkward moments that come with adolescence.

Mothers of teenage daughters will definitely relate and enjoy this series!

Age is Just a Number

The main characters are portrayed by actresses in their 20s, yet their performances are completely convincing. Maybe having some distance from their teenage years helps with the authenticity. Lisa McGee, the writer of the series, loosely based it on her own adolescence. There are too few shows about teenage girls that manage to be both funny and endearing. This series feels like the counterpart to The Inbetweeners, where 4 boys navigate puberty (also played by actors in their 20s).

One of my favorite characters is Sister Michael, the nun who has clearly had enough of all the teenage antics and just wants some peace. These types of grown up characters often appear in shows about teenagers, where the adult authority figures seem to despise the kids they have to guide. But I don’t think Sister Michael specifically hates teenagers. I believe she’s witnessed enough to know that teenagers sometimes make bizarre choices, but they often end up just fine.

Why Watch “Derry Girls”?

There are plenty of reasons to give this series a chance. It’s just 19 episodes, featuring brilliant actresses (including Nicola Coughlan from Bridgerton). The humor is relatable and nostalgic. You can reminisce about your own teenage years or be grateful that you made it through that phase relatively unscathed. The show gives you a glimpse of a different childhood, yet you’ll find that the girls experience the same things you did, proving that we’re not so different after all.

There are many enjoyable episodes, like when the girls perform a Spice Girls number at a school event. However, the “Halloween” episode, towards the end, deserves a special mention. The girls get ready for a party, hoping to meet their idol, Fatboy Slim. All the shenanigans are amusing, but something tragically dramatic happens during the episode, leaving you unsure if you’re still watching a sitcom. It’s a beautifully organic moment, and also quite touching. This episode, towards the end, shows that the transition to adulthood isn’t always just laughs.

For now, Derry Girls is available on Netflix, so don’t miss out on this delightful and heartfelt series!

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