Every day of the week we watch one episode of a series together. On some days, we have time for breakfast shows, lunch shows (we work from home) and a nightcap show, to watch just before we go to bed. I guess part of me misses the programmed viewing I grew up on. We both do: Wednesday is our Star Trek day, as we used to watch Star Trek TNG on BBC2 that day. It’s a bit romantic: we both watched the episodes, before we knew each other, at the same time in different countries. Anyway. Let me share what we are watching the coming weeks.

TV Series We Watch

Monday Evening


Tuesday Evening



Wednesday Evening



Thursday Evening

Conversations with a Killer


Friday Evening



Saturday Evening

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds


Sunday Evening

House MD

Prime Video

Better Call Saul to start the week

Mondays are rough: the start of a new week right after the weekend. Eurgh. So we made a point to choose really good tv shows to watch on Monday. It started years ago with Mad Men, also because that was as close to an office setting as you could get. It made our Mondays look mundane. Then we went over to Breaking Bad, which was so out there that again our Mondays looked pretty good. And now we went for the spinoff Better Call Saul. The stories are unpredictable, the framing of each scene is so pretty. I like the steady pace of each episode. I’ll write a longer post on the tv series soon.

We also have some series that we watch when we just want to hang in front of the tv screen. Be it at breakfast or lunch, or to wind down just before bed. I know ‘they’ say you should not watch tv before going to sleep, but I actually sleep better if I’ve watched a show. Obviously something calming and soothing.


Malcolm in the Middle





Before Bed

The Golden Girls


Sitcoms in between

Twenty-something minutes of tv is perfect for breakfast or lunch viewing. And to be honest, a little more cheerful than my old habit of watching news. Malcolm in the Middle for example is a pretty happy way to start the day. It’s one of those shows I missed when it was originally out, so it’s nice to catch up on some fun tv. Though we are not parents ourselves, except for our own two boys (the mayhem kitten and the uptight chihuahua), it’s still relatable to see two adults struggle with bills, work, family. Of course we also relate a little to the kids, who speak to our inner child and make me wish I had engaged in more shenanigans growing up …

Looking at our schedule, it’s nice to see we are mainly still watching Netflix. Depending on how it goes with SkyShowtime and Star Trek series, this can change. Hopping from one provider to another doesn’t really suit me, as I don’t like binge watching. For instance, if I wanted to watch all of Malcolm in the Middle in a month, I’d be bored with it. I like variety, which is why this weekly schedule suits me so well.

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