Oh, it’s been a while since we’ve been to the cinema. I think Dune (2021) was the last film we saw. So maybe we should do our now annual trip soon. There are a few films I have my eye on. Some of them would be best watched on the big screen. But then again, our tv these days is almost as big as our 1970’s film projection screen. Isn’t technology great? Here are some trailers of films I look forward to.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

We saw Black Panther in a modern cinema in Amsterdam. It’s not my favourite cinema. That would be Tuschinsky in Amsterdam. But I expected comfort from a more modern screen. However, we could only get places in the front row, to the right. And that means I had my head tilted at such an odd angle, I had neck pain the next few days. But I really want to see the new film, Wakanda Forever. In more comfort.

I can’t say if Wakanda Forever makes sense if you have not watched the first film. I kinda think it will, but you’d miss out on some details in the story. Wakanda, a fictional Marvel country, has lost its king and defender the Black Panther. And they are in mourning. But then a new threat rises, literally. Will the people of Wakanda be able to find a new defender or fall to some old enemies?

Matilda the Musical

Matilda the Musical is NOT a remake with songs. The original film was of course based on the very original book by Roald Dahl (go read it). This musical was based on the book, as well, but it was a theatre production. That has been transformed in the promising looking film.

Every bookworm will love the story. Young girl, very different from her parents, loves reading and learning. She’s very smart. But grownups don’t like smart ass kids, so she gets sent to a different school where there are some horrible teachers. But also a lovely teacher. There always is at least one, at every school. How does Matilda deal with all this? Grace, humour and plain intelligence.

Confess, Fletch

Originally Fletch was a character that Chevy Chase (American comedian) played. But brilliant as he was/is, it seems it is time for a new Fletch. Jon Hamm, from Mad Men, has a go at it. I think it could work. I’d love to see it, as anything I have seen Jon Hamm in is brilliant (see Black Mirror). I can’t find when it will be released in The Netherlands, so I may have to wait for it to get on the streaming services.

Fletch, former investigate journalist turned detective, travels to Italy to find a stolen Picasso. Then a dead body turns up. I expect there will be a few suspects and Fletch trying to figure out who-dunnit. Should be fun, just not in the cinema.

Violent Night

Christmas comes each year and each year brings us one or two new Christmas films. Now my favourite Xmas film is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (with Chevy Chase, by the way), with perhaps, grudgingly, Elf as a second or third. Can Violent Night beat Elf? Probably. I mean, it’s quite violent.

A group of mercenaries take a family hostage, but Santa Claus is nearby and does his best to save the family and christmas. It gets violent. And you know what? Beverly D’Angelo is in this film: she also played in Christmas Vacation. Wow. Connections!

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