There are many streaming options now in The Netherlands and more and more are added. After Netflix, we got Disney+, and Prime Video, and now we are keeping our eye on SkyShowTime, because: Star Trek. Duh. Oh, and Frasier.

It was so nice when we finally had Netflix. And I admit: we came to streaming pretty late. We’ve always secured the series and films we wanted to see by disc – DVD and Blu-ray. Before that, I had an extensive collection of VHS videos. We usually want to watch things that are not necessarily the most watched. So when Netflix added Star Trek: Discovery, that was the time for us to get a login. And it was a nice addition, but we still got discs of things Netflix did not offer.

And yes: we basically follow Star Trek. Star Trek: Picard was on Prime Video, so we had to have that. And they added Star Trek: Lower Decks. And the films. Disney+ did not have Star Trek, and we certainly did not get it for Star Wars (though we did watch the Kenobi Show, because Ewan). But we heard things. Paramount+, a new animation with Janeway (Voyager). And then Netflix dropped Discovery. We’d never get Paramount+ in The Netherlands, we assumed, and we were right. They launch their streaming service as SkyShowTime in Europe, combining things from Paramount and Comcast. I guess that’s nice for us, because we wont have like 3 different services to choose from.

Hopefully we will see things like Frasier, Battlestar Galactica, Cheers and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and some other shows and films that we like. But that also means we have to drop some other services. I think that will be an easy choice.


Where the fuck is Star Trek Discover??

Thanks for Frasier, Battlestar Galactica and Strange New Worlds. But where the fuck is Discovery??

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