Don’t you agree? I find it hard to dig up the treasures of tv series or films on all the platforms. Especially since I don’t always follow the crowd. Bridgerton put me to sleep, Nordic Noir bores me and I really do no see any joy in romcoms. I like quirky things, something that surprises me and something I consider quality (which may be completely subjective). I hate to waste my time on rubbish.

So to keep track of all the stuff I have watched or want to watch, I decided to rework my website to a sort of overview – for myself – of all the watchable things. I will not waste time writing why I do not like something, but rather share what I really enjoyed. Maybe it can help someone else bust out of the viewing rut that the incompetent algorithms puts you in. So you never have to use the ‘show me something random’ button – because that is the most horrible thing ever.

So come, browse, read and see what tv series, films and the like I enjoyed. It will be fun.

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