I have a thing with dragons. It’s not something I look for, but dragons pop up in my life from time to time. Of course this can be explained because I love fantasy books … but still, I do not go out and buy every book with dragons or every dragon figurine. But it was clear I needed to draw myself a dragon and print it on a t-shirt.

You can buy this set of 4 colourful dragon images at my Etsy shop, which you can visit by clicking the image to the left.

Printing an image on a t-shirt can be very tricky. You want good quality material and an image that will last a bit longer than 2 washes. I was lucky to find Spreadshirt.nl to print this one out. There’s lots of choice of shirts and other things and I am happy with the quality of it. They deliver all over Europe, by the way, and are based in Germany.