About Daenelia

Hi! You’re here because you want to know more about Daenelia. Here are some facts.

Daenelia's desk setup: drawing art

Fluent in Dutch and English

I am bilingual. Born Dutch, somehow I learned English good. ( … ) I mean, English is my second language, on the level of a native speaker. I live with a native speaker and I sometimes confuse him with my vocabulary. Mostly because I know all the longer words.

How we live: Five and Daenelia

Our household is made up of 2 humans, two cats and one dog. Our two cats are rescue cats. And our chihuahua is gorgeous, but not a full-breed.

The humans, me and the guy, have been together for more than 15 years We have been living in the same house for more than 11 years. We even survived moving house twice! Interested? I will add some blogposts if you’re interested. You can read about my hobbies, our pets, living in The Netherlands and other things.


I used to make pixel dolls under my nickname Daenelia. And then I stopped. I wish I could get back into it, but life is just too busy and distracting. You can find my old work at Daelusion.

We have (had) a roleplaying group, of writers writing a story together. See: Steamhawke. We love to write, but these days can’t free up enough time to do so.

Our love for roleplay is also evident in our love for gaming. We play Dungeons & Dragons, several boardgames (Descent and Imperial Assault, for instance) and we also play (online) games a lot. You can find us in Guild Wars 2 and in Lord of the Rings Online. And Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

My web shop

I returned to my old domain to support my Spreadshirt endeavors. From my account I supply designs for t-shirts, mugs and other items at Spreadshirt.

You can also buy t-shirts directly from my web shop Design by Daenelia. You can order and pay with iDeal, Paypal, Sepa or credit card. Your items will be sent to an address of your choice by Spreadshirt, usually within 7-14 days, depending on what you choose as a delivery option.