My new Penguin set is a favourite … in views anyway. This clip art set has been viewed the most of all my sets. There are several cute hand drawn penguins available in this set. Click on the images to go directly to the item in my Etsy shop Design by Daenelia.




My Dragon set is the next most viewed item. You get 4 different coloured dragon drawings. The sizes are HUGE so they’re very suitable for printing on say … a t-shirt. I made one and I love it.





The third most viewed item is this set of three dogs. Again, these are a decent size for printing. If you like poodle, chihuahua and westie drawings, I am sute you can find a use for these.





The fourth set is my personal favourite: the 5 cats. I have these cats printed on a mug and they look cute! The drawings are available in transparent PNG format, so you can put them on whatever background you prefer.




The last most viewed set is the one with the cat portraits. Four lovely and individual cats to adorn a coaster set, or wall. I’m sure you can make some great gifts with these cats.