What is there to say about Daenelia?

  • I am bilingual. Born Dutch, somehow learned English good. I mean, English is certainly my second language, just around the level of a native speaker.
  • Our household is made up of 2 humans and two cats and one dog.
  • The humans, me and the guy, have been together for 15 years, and living in the same house for 11. We even survived moving house twice! Interested? I have some blogposts under Personal.
  • I used to make pixel dolls. And then I stopped. I wish I could get back into it, but life is just too busy and distracting. You can find my old work at Daelusion.
  • We have (had) a roleplaying group, of writers writing a story together. See: Steamhawke.

I returned to my old domain to support my Etsy shop: Design by Daenelia. Design by Daenelia is a source of clip art for your creative projects. The art is perfect for cards, stickers and other printables as well as for digital crafting work.

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