Failing to get things done

Failing to get things done

Last week I fully commited to a once a week blogpost and here I am: failing to get things done on time. It is always good to commit to a plan that seems reasonable at the time. But it is always possible that things don’t go to plan. I have made some progress in areas though, so I would like to share that with you.

Drawing challenge

If you followed me on Instagram, you will have seen 7 drawings so far. I have been able to do as many drawings as needed for the past week, even if I did not get to post one each day. Day two ended in a bit of an emergency with our cat. And that led to me quickly drawing a stick figure on a cargo bike, driving like mad to get to the vet with a screaming cat. (Don’t worry, she was in a secured cat basket.)

No JavaScript projects

The thing I also failed at was doing any of the JavaScript projects I had in mind. I found that I did not have the time or the energy to even comment out a structure, let alone to write any workable code. So I am behind on my progress with JavaScript. Because: yes, I am still learning new things, if you like. I want to show what I can do by getting a certificate. I will also pick up on my Treehouse courses next month and I want to be ready for that.

Looking at how fast my progress was in 2018, I wonder how I did that under those circumstances. That year was a hard year for me, personally, but I found something in learning new things it seems. I hope to get that drive back again. I did it once, I can do it again.

Failing to get things done is still progress

After realising I had not gotten as far as I planned and hoped, I took a good look at what had blocked me from progressing. I realised that I had actually progressed, just by thinking of ways to make sure not to lose another week to failing to get things done. I was still sure this is what I want to do, this is what I want to learn and this is where I want to go. If all of that is true, my motivation is fine and all I need to do is either plan better or change the way I work. In addition, I need to adjust my own expectations of how fast I want to get there.

Image of cat not failing at anything

My cat is fine now, by the way. But she had a really humiliating day, not to mention physically painful. But cats never fail at anything, do they? They can miss a jump and walk away with an air as if they meant to do that anyway. They fall from a sleeping position and they will hang on with their claws until they gracefully let go and land on their feet. My cat is currently upstairs, not sulking but resting and pretending this is all okay. She knows she will be fine and she would like us to not make a fuss. Next time, she will do better.

Fail, evaluate and move on

When you fail, you have a great opportunity to improve. I have not had that many failures, because I either succeeded at the first try with pure luck or I moved away from what I failed at. Both those things work too, by the way. However, succeeding with pure luck makes you unsure if you can be so lucky again. And you can’t keep avoiding thet things you failed at forever.

Looking back, I think I had too many unnecessary distractions on top of events that I seriously needed to take care of. I always plan with enough room in my schedule for unforeseen things. But if I let myself get distracted by cat videos online, the time I have just flies away. I can do without those videos. But I can’t choose not to take my pets to the vet in case of an emergency. I need to keep the flexibility in my schedule reserved for actual emergencies.

And distractions are just one thing I need to learn to deal with. It’s not difficult to see where I need to improve. Dealing with a real emergency (that scared the stuffing out of me, by the way) showed me I need to take all of this more seriously. And I want to! So with that, I am rounding of this post and I will get on with it.

Think of something you failed at lately and how you will improve handling that in the future. You can do it too!

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