September drawing challenge

September drawing challenge

Welcome to September and my personal drawing challenge! This feels like a new start again and I am ready to go and step up my content production. When I first started my bullet journal I also started a daily doodle to sharpen my drawing skills. That was a lot of fun and I wanted to re-create that. It also seems like a fun thing to share on Daenelia Designs. So here we go!

Drawing challenge: draw every day

Consistency is the best way to keep bettering any skill. A drawing challenge that will make you draw a new picture every day, free from restraints, can be incredibly helpful to boost your skill and show improvement quickly. I did a few daily drawing challenges before, for my pixel work, and every month-long project made me jump forwards in skill.

(Side note – I look at those pixel dolls and I immediately want to pixel again. But that would be a distraction. I am hereby promising myself that May 2021 I will once again make a pixel doll a day, as a separate challenge!)

Drawing challenge

This September I am commiting myself to making a digital illustration every day. It can be a starting sketch, a doodle, a work in progress that I pick up over a few days of this month: as long as I draw and show every day. And I intend to show my daily drawings on my Instagram page. Because it also won’t hurt to step up posting more frequently there.

Drawing is work

Another more personal challenge is to see drawing as work. I am of the type of artist who has seen drawing and creating as a fun thing to do. I have vivid memories of drawing as a 6-year old and how much fun that was. In restaurants I turned over the paper placemats and drew things while waiting for the meal to be served. If we were somewhere fancy, I’d beg for my mother’s paper work agenda and drew on the pages of months past. My mother was always proud to show off my work.

But I am no longer 6 years old. Drawing has been a hidden skill for too long. And I have not pushed my progress as much as I could have. Drawing every day will make me catch up a little and fuel my creativity. Drawing is work and I intend to bring my skills up to date to deliver higher quality.

Thirty days, thirty drawings

I am excited to get started, but I am more excited to see where I will be in 30 days. Will it be hard or will I easily get inspired to draw every day? Either way, I will learn something new this month.

Sketches drawing challenge

It’s been a long time since I shared new drawings, but I have actually done more work since my cute penguins. I drew those for another drawing challenge, by the way. There were so many distractions that I never finished that design for my t-shirts. So I know that the next thirty days I need to keep pushing myself to get to those thirty drawings. It’s not going to just happen. It will need work. But I am looking forward to doing that work.

If you have any requests or ideas, don’t hesitate to either leave a comment here or catch up with me on Instagram.

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