Absolutely a new penguin t-shirt design

Absolutely a new penguin t-shirt design

Hurry, if you want to catch the discount and get free shipping on the latest designs in Design by Daenelia t-shirt shop! Starting 6th May 2020 until 10th May no shipping costs on orders through my webshop. And yes, absolutely do I have a new penguin design ready!

Penguins with a heart

The penguins work in progress I shared earlier has been transformed into a cute digital drawing of two penguins holding a heart. It’s available on several different types of t-shirts for men, women and kids. For lovers of penguins and just plain people who love.

Give me your heart, penguin

Daydreamer Girl

One of my older designs got a reboot. The daydreamer looking at the positive side of life is now available as a t-shirt design. I also think there is something sunny about her, as if things will be happier in summer. They usually are.

Daydreamer girl

Available soon: face masks

It will be a matter of time until we will get used to going out with masks covering our faces. We have some plain white masks which can be washed and reused with filters. But I wanted something happier, so I designed and ordered 4 new face masks for ourselves. Of course there is a high demand right now, so the masks are not available right now. But check back later and order these cute animal faces masks.

Facemasks at Design by Daenelia

Other than that, there are still t-shirts available with my handdrawn dragons, cats and birds. There are so many items available for each design that I am thinking of scaling back to just putting them on t-shirts with short sleeves. So if you like to get something different, order sooner rather than later.

I will share more WIPs

I really like sharing work in progress posts. Sometimes it just seems a bit redundant if I am not going to use that particular design soon. Or I don’t have time to create and write a post detailing why I choose this subject to sketch. I don’t always think people are interested. But I guess you are. I do have a few pencil sketches I will use for next month’s update and I will share that as soon as I can.

As for our little life-update: we are still working from home, going out as little as possible. I am still happy to have the dog to take for walks, so that I see the outside once in a while. I also really enjoy seeing other people walk their dogs. It’s good to catch up, at a safe distance.

We are doing the same things a lot of people do: I did make my own bread, we snack a lot, we play Animal Crossing New Horizons. We are lucky that we can still find time to also work out. I don’t know how I would have coped if I did not get that extra exercise. On top of this, I am also learning Japanese through Duolingo and doing pretty good, too! So I keep busy. I hope you do too.

So that’s it for the May update. Check out the shop and let me know what you like!

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