Week plan free download

Week plan free download

In addition to the free day plan sheet and the vacation sheets, I now have 2 more freebies to download: plan your week with these free printable week planner sheets. It helps to write down what your plans are for the week or the day. Split your project into tasks and get more done that you thought possible!

Happy Planner instructions

If you have a Happy Planner, you can use the instructions that I made for my vacation planner sheets to print the sheet at the right size. You will need to cut it as well, if you have a classic size or mini planner. Once you printed it out, on single pages or on both sides, and you have cut the paper, just punch the holes in it and you can insert the free day planner sheet in your planner.

How to use the free week planner sheets

I designed the free week planner sheets to be useful for studying and working from home. The first sheet has room for some important tasks for this week in the Priority box at the top. Fill in the appointments you have for this week on each of the days or note down at least one task that needs to be accomplished. You can use the day planner to plan your day in more detail.

The second sheet focuses more on each work day. There is a short to-do list, where you can tick off tasks that need doing that day. You can also write down some things about the project your are working on in the left bottom corner. This sheet is perfect for work from home situations, where you don’t want to be distracted by household chores during your work days.

Both sheets have some room for free form notes and a box for things to remember to do next week. I guess my next freebie will be a month planner, to complete the whole set!

Personalise it!

I hope the sheets give you some structure to your days and weeks, as you try to work as effectively as possible. I know it has helped me to keep on top of things. I am working from home now, of course, and picking up studying again as well. I will be sure to write a post about that too, soon. Take my ideas and tips and make the sheets work for you and your projects. Good luck!

How to plan

If you need some tips on how to plan, please see the articles on How to plan your day and Stay Focused.

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