The chihuahua raised by two cats

The chihuahua raised by two cats

If there is one thing that makes me smile, it is my dog. Any dog, really: I can’t pass a dog on the street without smiling. But my own dog, well, he is a special little guy. My cats get along with him, even if they did not agree to needing an extension of our family. And for such a small dog, our little Chi is a giant addition to our pack.

Chihuahuas are like a TARDIS

Chihuahuas are small dogs, as everyone knows. But they do not necessarily know they are small. Chi acts like a giant doberman, sometimes. This is the reason why some chihuahuas are so aggressive and vocal. They do not always get corrected on behaviour. After all, they’re so small and cute, even when they bark and growl. But Chi got corrected regularly by the ginger cat for barking. We did not really have to do much ourselves. (Chi has recently taught himself to do protection barking when he sees movement in the garden. And he hates it when people ride their bikes on a footpath in a park. But other than that, he can be quite a quiet little chihuahua!)

Our cats are very different characters. Big red E, the ginger cat, is social and loves to cuddle. And our tuxedo girl is more of a loner, though she is learning to be more social. Chi sees himself as the leader of the pack, correcting the cats when they do something he thinks they shouldn’t do. Big E can cuddle with me just before bedtime, but if he tries to sit on my lap while we watch TV, Chi gets upset. Tuxedo girl owns the kitchen and the guest room, so he leaves her alone there. But if she tries to go into the living room, Chi directs her to where she can sit. And chases her from places he doesn’t want her to sit. And she lets him.

Cats and dogs can get along. Sometimes.

They do get along. Both cats can leave the house at any time through their catflap. They choose to stay in the house a lot, and let Chi boss them around. If they are really upset with him, claws are used to make Chi aware who is really in charge. They all know we belong togehther.

And Chi has another cat friend. One of the cats in the neighbourhood always comes up to greet Chi when we walk past. Chi doesn’t bark at him and doesn’t chase him. They meet and touch noses. For Chi the cat is almost no different than any of the dogs he meets on his walks. The cat clearly marvels at Chi being so small, and smelling of cats. I think he thinks Chi might be a weird cat…

Photo from my other blog

We’ve had Chi since he was a puppy. We treat him like any dog. He walks, doesn’t get carried much. He loves adventure and going places. I am so glad we decided to adopt him when we did. It makes every day a little more brighter for me.

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