Five updated designs in t-shirt shop

Five updated designs in t-shirt shop

Now five updated t-shirt designs are available in the webshop Design by Daenelia. No shipping costs for a limited time! Various good quality shirts and sweatshirts with prints of cats, dragons and penguins for men, women and kids. All images are original drawings by Daenelia. That’s me, obviously.

Best seller: Penguins in love

Men’s t-shirt Penguins in Love

The penguins in love have been popular for a long time, so I wanted to include them in my new t-shirt designs as well. They have been updated and are available on more products, such as sweatshirts and hoodies.

Cats: Gray and Ginger tabby

These drawings are loosely based on our cats. The t-shirt designs are a lot bigger than the original designs and that allowed me to make the cats look bigger on the shirts. Perfect for catlovers this summer!

Mother of Dragons: adopt the pink dragon!

This is a t-shirt design I printed out for myself on a white shirt. It’s comfy and I always get compliments on the drawing. Now we are playing Dungeons & Dragons again, I will be wearing it to a game soon. I actually like the black shirt too. Maybe time to order a second one for my guy! He is the DM in our games.

T-shirt design on baby bib: the cupcake

The cupcake is available on shirts as well. But doesn’t it look cute on this baby bib? It’s perfect baby gift. And I already know someone I am going to gift it to.

That’s the update so far. Check back next month when I upload some new designs. I may remove some products then as well, so do order sooner rather than later. Remember: order before March 8, 2020 and get free shipping on your t-shirt order! Or the bib, if that’s your choice!

Let me know what you think! Any requests? I can include those ideas in the update next month!

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