Cats, Penguins and a Book Dragon on a t-shirt

Cats, Penguins and a Book Dragon on a t-shirt

New designs in Design by Daenelia’s t-shirt shop! I added some old favourites and designed a new cutie owl. Go visit my shop if you want to see all the designs of cats, penguins and dragons.

More cats on t-shirts

My two cats are still available on the shirts of course. But I added one of my other cat drawings to the shop again. I like his cheeky expression a lot.

I’ve always liked to draw cats. And this design will end up in my own wardrobe soon. Ready for summer wear!

Cutie owl is cute

Cute, but also a little skeptical. This owl is basically judging you all the time. But in a cute way. “Oh, you really cleaned your room, did you?” “Is Animal Crossing really more important than chancing your bedsheets?” Maybe it will help me be a bit more responsible, if I wear this t-shirt. I love the green colour. This is definitely the colour I will be ordering it in.

And we also have two dragons in the shop now. One is the old Pink Dragon, now accompanied by the pink Book Dragon. Book dragons: if the term bookworm is too puny to describe your love of reading.

And the new penguin shirt

Somehow the penguins in love are still my best seller in the shop. So I added a new penguin to the collection. I don’t know why I had the image of a penguin washing its hair. Penguins do not have hair. They don’t need to wash it. Yet the image snuck into my head and I had to draw it.

Check out the old and new designs and let me know what you think. I very much appreciate any support and will take requests in consideration. Take care and stay safe!

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