Spreadshirt shop changes from March 2020

Spreadshirt shop changes from March 2020

Keep an eye out on Design By Daenelia’s Spreadshirt shop as some changes happen in March. T-shirt designs will be changing!

My shop has been ecclectic and messy for a long time now. Spreadshirt will be implementing some behind the scenes changes in March and that prompted me to take a good look at my shop. I will be cleaning up and making the shop better.

What will this mean

Until March 1st the shop will not change. The items are the same, the prices are the same and you can take advantage of my designs on the Marketplace being cheap. Yes, they will become a little more expensive for some items in March. And some t-shirt designs may disappear from my Marketplace setup.

Compensation (my commision on selling t-shirts and such) will be changed, which will allow me to both earn more and be more flexible with discounts! So it’s not all bad, in fact: for my actual shop it will be good.

New t-shirt designs

So March 2nd will see some designs be retired and some designs being re-issued. Most importantly, I will focus my shop on one subject and open new shops for other subjects. This will allow shoppers to find t-shirt designs they like more easily.

Designs by Daenelia will focus on Cute Stuff: you can expect cats, puppies, cupcakes and penguins to feature there. For the more fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons related drawings I will eventually open a new shop, full of dragons, dice, elves and D&D characters. Not saying that won’t be cute, but it will be a different type of design.

So, make the most of it, and pick a design on a shirt or sweater that you absolutely do not want to miss out on! You can make use of the current discount code on Spreadshirt to get your Designs by Daenelia stuff now!

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