Designs in progress: Dragons and elves

Designs in progress: Dragons and elves

We have been playing a lot of games again lately. And one of our new, or rekindled, passions is Dungeons and Dragons. That is why my next update in the shop will probably be related to fantasy, dragons, elves and so on.

The dragon and the dice are an old design I am still working on. It needs some tweaking and redrawing, but this is a fun project. It fits in with some of the other dragons that you can find on my t-shirts. If all goes well, I will have a whole range of funny dragons to choose from.

For one of our projects I am drawing lots of characters. Well, so far I have drawn one: an elf. And she will be on a t-shirt too! If only because I want to wear a shirt with her picture on it. Would be great to wear to a game.

Little life update

You may have noticed it has been quiet here. And that is not because I closed my shop or lost interest, or even stopped selling (yes: I do sell my shirts and things. Thank you for those who did!). About a year ago a few things happened that needed my attention offline and it is an easy choice to then stop with writing blog posts or showing off new drawings.

I lost someone close to me. And I started a new job. Both pretty intense things that made my life a bit of a rollercoaster. I am glad I took out some time to focus on myself and my family. But now that things are starting to settle down, I am ready to slowly start sharing the fun stuff I do again.

Is it wrong not to share the not so fun stuff? People sometimes complain that online you only show the really good things that happen. And I agree: sometimes you think that bad things rarely happen to other people. But they do. And because during those times I like to focus on important things, I do not feel the need to bring my bad and sad stories to my website. Now I am ready to do fun stuff and I enjoy sharing that with you.

So you can expect new updates from time to time. I think it will also work in pushing me to draw a little more than I did the last year. Hope you enjoy it!

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