New designs available at Spreadshirt

New designs available at Spreadshirt

At Daenelia, my account at Spreadshirt, has a couple of new t-shirt designs ready to be printed off on t-shirts, pillows, mugs and aprons. Come get your favourite design!

I first drew the penguins in a notebook. Did you know that Happy Feet is one of my favourite films? It always cheers me up for some reason. I have quite a few other penguin designs ready for the shop. So if you like penguins too, check back regularly!

Yay for the design I sold first at my shop! This cupcake shirt was the very first sold item. I have more pastry and sweet things ready, so if you’re looking for a yummy shirt: just go and see if there is anything new you like in the t-shirt shop.

Of course I have a lot of drawings of cats lying around. So there are a few designs ready for Designs by Daenelia. Choose this t-shirt design for all the cat lovers! I hope to put up my drawings of the group of cats that I printed out on a mug for myself.

Drawing cats was a great way to entertain myself in school, by the way. While listening to the teacher drone on about something, I would always doodle cats near my notes. I also did a large drawing for my art exam with lots of different cats. There is something enjoyable about drawing the smooth lines of a cat.

Ready more t-shirt designs

So this is what we have so far! But with my stash of drawings that are already done and my planned new designs, it should not be long before there are some more choices in the shop. I have some dog drawings lined up, some dragons and cactus pots. If you have any requests or ideas: feel free to share them!

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