Vacation planning sheets

Vacation planning sheets

Vacation for us is a time to see and do new things and relax. Taking time to organise see and do things we enjoy is actually not that relaxing, so we tend to plan ahead. First we pick our holiday destination and then we do research to find out what is ‘touristy’ to do and what ‘locals’ do. If any of that matches our own interests, we make sure to find time to see and do it. But how do we keep track of our vacation planning? This is how we get organised!

Planner crazy?

I have a many planners. Too many, maybe. I use a happy planner mainly to make it pretty and fun, I have a bullet journal to plan and journal and we have a shared bullet journal to keep track of things and to plan stuff for the both of us.

We usually have a simple notebook with us on our holiday trips. We write down random things such as musea we like to see and restaurants we’d like to eat at. But it’s not very organised and needs us to do a lot of last minute planning while we’re trying to relax and enjoy ourselves. So when we went to Florence, Italy, I created a set of planner pages to help with our vacation planning.

vacation planning sheets

From our random notes, gathered from travel books and the interwebs, we created pages with information that we thought we’d need. Adresses, travel times, opening times and even things like gift shopping lists.

My free printable sheets for vacation planning

This made our vacation so much better! We could still swap plans around, but we had all information available. So we knew what was open on certain days, which meant we would not miss out on things that were closed. If we felt like staying closer to our apartment, we knew where we wanted to go. And if we felt like taking a longer trip, we had our options available.

I would like to share these vacation planning sheets with you! You can print them out on any size paper and use them in a folder or stapled together. Or you can print them out to use in your classic (medium) Happy Planner.

How to print pages for your Happy Planner

I found a few sites that explain how to resize and print your planner sheets. It’s really simple to do. Go to my Pinterest board for more links and ideas.

vacation planning with planner sheets

Once your have printed the pages at 84% of the original size for your Happy Planner, you can cut them to size. I found that taking 3 cm of the top and bottom is just right, and taking  1.5cm  and 2cm off the sides (depending on which edge is outside) gives you just the right size. Punch your holes and ready!

But the sheets can be printed at any size you are comfortable with. It all depends on how tiny you can write!

Vacation planning sheets in PDF

Here is an overview of the sheets. They are in English. I am planning to translate them to Dutch at some point. You can download the PDF file here for free!

I will write about our vacation to Florence soon!

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