Sometimes you gotta start again

Sometimes you gotta start again

Welcome to my website. I am Daenelia, which has been my online nickname for many more years than I care to count. At least I am consistent. You may have guessed this is not my first website and you’d be right. I have been building websites for even longer than I have been Daenelia. Even this iteration of my site is not the first on I have a passion for creating new things.

When I first wrote this post, I had very little to say. I had no clear direction for my site and as it was my very first post, it was bare and empty. I am starting again regularly, so I guess it is fitting I update this post when I do.

Passion for creating

A lot of people say they are creative and most of them probably are. I think it is not that rare a human trait to want to make something beautiful, cool or fun just for the sake of it. For a long time I thought my urges to ‘make things’ were nothing our of the ordinary, but over time I have come to realise that my passion for creating is kinda unique.

I have written stories with a group of writers, I have made graphics and edited photo’s, I draw – which is probably my oldest creative outlet from age 4 onwards – and I see building websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as a fascinating creative endeavour. And the best part is that I never stop learning new things. The one thing I avoid is monotomy and boredom. That is what creativity is about: anything new stands out from the ordinary.

assorted drawings by Daenelia - passion for creating illustrations

Attention catching

Creating something new is attention catching. You might expect me to be flashy and extremely outgoing, but that is not so much in my nature. I like to let my creations be the eye-catching, flashy-attention-drawing things. It tends to surprise people, I have found. Apparently, I am like a deep pond, with a smooth surface, but with a lot of hidden depth and skills.

Stick with me, and follow my blog. I promise it won’t be boring.

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