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What is better than reading a book in the afternoon on a rainy day? Or a sunny day? Or in the evening, or the morning, or … well, reading is just one of my longtime hobbies. As a baby I loved look at magazines apparently and as a 5 year old I made myself read books that I knew by heart. My love for books and stories led me to study English Literature and then work in a bookstore while going to uni. But after 10 years of working in a bookstore and reading everything that came my way, I was done with reading. It stopped being fun so I stopped reading. Besides, that coincided with my guy moving in with me and we had … other things to do.

It took me 10 years again to pick up a new book. I had done some re-reading but I felt I was ready for some new stories. And now I have a TBR list that is pretty high again.

Currently I am finishing Ursula Le Guin’s four Earthsea books. I never read them before and I knew I had to at some point. It’s an excellent fantasy tale about Sparrowhawk, a mage who is clever and compassionate, but also hard at the same time. What I enjoy was the origin story focussing on him as a child and young man, and then he popped up in the other stories as a character with less focus on him. The first book feels a bit stuffy, especially because of archaic language use, but that used to be classic fantasy style. It does loosen up a bit later on.

Then I have all the Dark Tower books on my list and I only finished book 1, which I already read ages ago. It’s good and I enjoy it. It’s an easy read, and explores the edges of fantasy story telling. Stephen King knows how to tell stories.

But I also have a collection of 3 novels by Sheri S. Tepper on my stack and that just looks more appealing. It’s another author I wish I had read more of when I was younger. There comes a time when you realise your time for reading is not limitless and that you have to make wise choices in the books you read. I wish I could get the time back I spent reading books like The Da Vinci Code (I did use the time well when I watched the film: I fell asleep). It’s just not worth missing great books. On the other hand, if you don’t read everything that comes your way, you will never come to this realisation: that there are books you’d rather read and books you wish you hadn’t.

Tepper is a dense storyteller, who can write well. She adds interesting ideas to her books and I like books that make me think and work. I think I may have to prioritise her over The Dark Tower series.


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