Cactus in pot, clip art set

Look at all the cute cactus… es. Five images of different types of cactuses in various pots. Great for printing out for card making or to embellish a planner. This hand drawn clip art set is a digital download available at Design by Daenelia, my Etsy shop. This cactus set contains multiple images of cactus pots in both PNG and JPEG format, in zip files.

Cactus plants were quite popular in the 70’s, when I grew up. I remember having quite a few in tiny pots in my room. The nice thing about a cactus is that you don’t always have to water it so much. It’s used to being in an arid environment, right? Still, not watering them at all will kill them. I can assure you.

I would love to have one or two cactus plants, but with our pets I am just afraid they’d hurt themselves and then destroy the plants as revenge.

What would you do with these images? The set contains one big version of the orange pot with the blooming cactus. This one would look great on a bag or a t-shirt. Find yourself a printer service of your choice and have it printed on an item to give away to someone who loves cactuses! Or combine all the pots and print them out on a mug. You’d have a very original mug for work or school.

Or use the mug as a pot for a plant, like a cactus.

You can use these images in digital scrapbooking, embellishing your printed photobooks, or printing out the images yourself on your home printer to use in your papercrafts. Clip art has many uses online and offline. Need ideas? Just ask in the comments or message me on Etsy. I’m always there to talk to you.

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