Dragon clip art

Dragons always end up in my life. I don’t even particularly like them or seek them out, but they’re just everywhere. I was reading Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea and I was just reading about Sparrowhawk confronting the dragon. It inspired me to make a cheeky looking dragon.

This hand drawn clip art set is a digital download available at Design by Daenelia, my Etsy shop. This dragon set contains multiple images of dragons in both PNG and JPEG format, in zip files.

This image of a dragon was the one I chose to print out on a t-shirt. But it would look equally cool on a mug or a bag, printed at a professional printing service.  Alternatively you could print this out yourself and make awesome party invitations for a fantasy-themed birthday party. The clip art comes in four colours, so you can mix and match with other clip art sets to make it look pretty.

You can use these images in digital scrapbooking, embellishing your printed photobooks, or printing out the images yourself on your home printer to use in your papercrafts. Clip art has many uses online and offline.

If you want to use the dragons in your home printed stickers, that’s fine too. You can even use them for a sticker set that you sell on through Etsy, as long as it’s on a small scale, like 100 sets.

And you shouls also check out my other sets: cats and dogs clip art.

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