Changes again – Design By Daenelia Etsy shop

Don’t worry! Nothing too big. But since I opened an Etsy shop I thought it would be wise to also revamp my website a bit. In a way I’m going back to my roots: drawing stuff. But this time on a larger scale than a couple of pixels.

At the moment I don’t have hours of time to spent tweaking my site and creating clip art. But at a slow pace I will fill this site with … stuff. Probably planner-related. Because I can. But who knows? It’s be a while since I regularly updated any website. And I could be talking about plenty of other stuff. So it’s a surprise, even for myself!

Design By Daenelia is the name of my Etsy shop, which has been open for just over a month. I’m extremely happy with creating stuff for it, but of course, the point of the shop is to sell. You can buy sets of clipart for personal use and for small commercial use. So if you’re looking for art to use to make stickers for your own planner, or for your Etsy shop, you can definitely look there.

One of my favourite sets so far is the one with the cats. All of the cats are based on cats I knew or know. The red one is obviously my cat E. He always looks smug, or tired, or dumb. It’s amazing how he can combine those three very different looks into one unique E. look. He’s getting close to 13 or 14 years old, but he’s still pretty active around dinner time and breakfast time. We got an automatic feeder to feed him at 6 in the morning, because he keeps waking us up way before we have to be woken up. So far, he still wakes us up, even when the feeder has delivered his food to him.

My guess is he just likes us to be up with him. He is a social cat.

Anyway, this is just to let you huys know what’s up. I’ll be changing tyhings around a bit in the coming month. And do check my shop for new updates!

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