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Our roleplay site is called Steamhawke. It works a lot like role-playing games on forums, in that you will join in the story with a new character of your own. It’s been inactive for a year now, but who knows: we can jump in any time and start writing again. That’s the beauty of it. But there has been an ugly side too.

When we started Steamhawke, we didn’t immediately think of opening it for members. But we wanted to write with some of our friends again, so we decided we might as well find some new friends to write with as well. That did turn out great, because we came across Tals, who created this awesome addition to the story, and Hazy, who had never written for RP before and others like Book (who rounded off the story that was started) and Shixam (who just added many different twists to the setting). They all found ways to settle into the story and broaden the setting so that everyone had a good time.

Five and I have written for many rpg’s, and we enjoy writing together. The way we write, as a team, is simple: you discuss what you want to explore, you test out certain goals for the characters and you accomodate each other, both allowing room for what each writer is good at, and providing a safe place to try out things that each writer is less familiar with. The kind of story writing that is a combined effort and not a competition.

Sadly when it did turn into a see-my-character-shine contest, it just slumped. The story did not move forwards anymore, because some characters were busy playing out their own little story without considering how it would affect the overall story. The overall story kinda died.

But I am still very proud of the chapter in which everyone did their best to push and pull at the story. It reminds me that we did do great stuff together as the entire writing team. Hopefully I can get back to that level some time, with both old and new writers. But I will need to find some time to write again. And confidence. That too.

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    1. It’s a lot of fun, writing together. And the good thing is, we can start it up again if we want to. There are still people working on the wiki, as we speak 🙂

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