When we game together

F and I have always played games. Before we met and after we met. Before I met F, I mostly played solo games, offline. But when we met and had to go through the whole long-distance part of our relationship, we started playing online games, so we could at least spend time in game together. Guild Wars was one of those games. So when Guild Wars 2 was announced, even though we already lived together then, we started playing in beta. Well, I started playing in beta. I got in, F did not.

Then we moved house, did some other things that distracted us, had a very good reason for not playing, but now we’re back to playing in our casual style. It’s fun. I like it.

You would think only young guys who still live at home play these online MMO’s (or MMORPG). But a surprising number of couples play, and more women than you realise, and plenty of dads. Sometimes, whole families play. MMOs got this bad reputation which is not really reflecting reality. It is not addictive, unless you have a personality that allows for easy addiction. It is not a-social, in fact: online games can be very very social. And it is more diverse than you would think.

Why is it fun? Partly because you do run into people from all over the place, even if you play at a European server. You get a chance to relax by running around a breathtaking environment. And you get this sense of completion when you resolve a task in game. Or when you beat the crap out of someone in World v World. And it is harmless. It’s a good way to relax and feel like you have taken a mini vacation. Just doing something completely different from your day to day lives. That is why I like to play it.

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  1. My husband and i played Guild Wars 1 and 2, it’s a beautiful game. The ambiance is amazing in graphics and music. We also play WoW together, ARK, 7 days to die, Diablo and even Minecraft. Sometimes we even meet up with friends or you get to meet people online from your own country or somewhere else in Europe. I say MMO(RPG) is making me more social in some ways. When you know when to quite and it’s time to focus on RL it’s not a bad way to spend your private time.

    1. Lots of people only see the side that gets media attention: when it becomes an escape and an addiction. I bet a lot of people, non-gamers, dont realise how many couples or rl friends play for instance.

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