Thoughts on getting a puppy

Getting a puppy has been on my mind  since I moved out. But when you work fulltime and are living alone you know you can’t offer the puppy all it needs. Besides working long days, the apartment I lived in was too small. It was too small for the cat I eventually got, too. But somehow you fool yourself into thinking a cat won’t mind. It didn’t become a possibility to have pets until we moved in together and got a slightly larger house. For the puppy we wanted to get a house with a small garden. And we have one now.

We’ve both had dogs in the past, but never together. And we both have different favourite breeds. And though I know that breed is not that important, the one thing that it does offer is healthier pups. I know not many people think this is true, but in the Netherlands official breeders of a particular breed will have a long list of rules and regulations to pass before a healthy pup can be born. So we are most likely going to go for a breed. But which one?

I absolutely love poodles. They are bright, smart, can have a sense of humour and have this awesome curly coat. He liked sturdier looking dogs, like the Akita or Shiba Inu. Both breeds are quite independent and smart. But we also have to think of the cats. Our youngest girl has had a bit of a run in with a dog that was slightly bigger than her. So we think we’ll do better to choose something that remains smaller than her. Which is limiting. But combined with what we like in dogs (independend, smart, loving) we are probably going to fgo with a chihuaha. And the youngest cat seems to like chihuahuas! And that is important.

Yes, it seems we are getting a puppy for our cat. Or both of them. The Ginger Tom seems to get on really well with dogs in general. Well, he is a very loving and friendly cat. And even though it is my dream, my wish, I think when we are getting a puppy we need to make sure everyone in the house likes him. Or her.


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