Long distance

It’s not so much a ‘long distance relationship’ thing, though we did have to go through that phase for a while. It’s more a ‘being apart for a week’ thing, when F. has to be away for work. And it’s just weird. Especially since we did the whole ‘long distance relationship’ thing before. Now I feel as if I have to be just okay with it, because it is only a week and we can keep in touch much easier these days. But still. Fun it ain’t.

Why is it that when you are in a relationship you get that attached to someone’s presence? It’s not like I roam around the house crying and not knowing what to do. I do get on with it. In some ways I get more stuff done when he is not here, than when we plan our evenings together. I guess it is just boring when I am alone. That does not stop me from doing things we don’t do together. Like watching tv in bed … in the morning! That was one of my joys when I lived alone. I haven’t done that since we moved in together. Mind you, when you wake up in the same bed, my first thought is not ‘where is the remote control?’. But when he is away, me and the cats will watch some tv in bed before we get up.

The cats, that’s another thing. M. the girl is heartbroken every time F. packs his suitcase. E. the boy simply enjoys his absence, by lounging on F.’s side of the bed. M. greets F. when he gets back, as if life without him is worthless. Yes. She sometimes makes me feel guilty for not missing my guy more than she seems to do. E. is annoyed, and demonstrates that by not moving off the side of the bed that is contested between the two men of the house.

One perk is that my guy brings back goodies I love. Like tea. And chocolate. And magazines he picks up at the airport. So really. What do I have to complain about? Besides it being boring, and includes me doing lots of work around the house and, well, that I just miss him.

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