Where did the site go?

Well, I am in the middle of setting up a new site on this domain. This domain, Daenelia.com, used to be the place where I kept a website called The Manor, on pixel art and pixeled dolls. There were quite a few articles as well, on how to make pixel dolls, or how it got started. But I rarely make dolls anymore. I want to! Don’t get me wrong, I love making dolls. But at the moment my time is just spend on other things. I kep The Manor Pixel Dolls on hiatus for 3 years before deciding to do something more constructive with this site.

The Manor Pixel Dolls and other sites

If you are looking for my pixel dolls, go here: Daelusion. Some of the old articles on dolls can be found on the New Manor: Manor Pixel Dolls. And keep an eye on this site as well. Just because I am not dolling right now, does not mean I never ever will again. What I will do, later on, os adding my dollmakers to Daelusion. Or to Manor Pixel Dolls. I am not sure yet. But I love my dollmakers, so they will be accesible somewhere.

And if you want to read some of my fiction writing, see my Wattpad account. Or go and visit Steamhawke. I have this love/hate thing with writing. I love it, and I hate it. I hate the process of it, typing or writing by hand. I don’t much care for precise editing either, most of the time. But I love weaving words together into stories. So if you have some spare time: go and read my stuff.

Along the same lines we have the Guild Wars 2 site, but we don’t play GW2 (at the moment). We did play it in beta, so couldbe fun to read if you play the game now. I wonder if I will get tons od dye drops if I ever sign in again.

I also have a Dutch film review site at Films Gezien (Films we’ve seen). It is regularly updated, but it is in Dutch. You can see which films we’ve see though. Which might be interesting even if you can’t red the reviews.


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