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How do you even start a blog? What’s the best way to open it, with the first blog post? And how do you decide anything you do or think is share-worthy? I dunno.

It’s like the dreaded blank page. That moment when you have to decide where to put the first pencil line. Or the first sentence of the story you want to tell. And then there are so many more things to decide, such as categories, layout, images to use, and how you’re going to fill the potentially endless blank pages ahead of you.

Is this why people blog about their cats so often?

A first blog post should be an introduction, I think. Not a copy of your about page, but a starting point to establish for yourself and your reader which direction you’re heading in. But again: blank pages and endless possibilities! How do I even know where I am going to go with this? I have no super-interesting life. Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I? I am living it daily. For me my own experiences are the normal that I use to measure other people’s lives. Other people are always more interesting. So … I might be interesting to someone else.

First blog post: who am I?

Let’s see who we are dealing with. I am no longer considered ‘young’ and apparently I have to think that’s a bad thing. I have no kids, nor ever wanted them, and that makes me sad or lonely to some. I have a younger partner, which makes me … right trendy, actually. And obviously, I have cats. Two of them, one male and one female. But I am campaigning to get a puppy into our household. I also have a few other interesting things going on in my life, but because they are connected with other people, whose privacy I respect, I won’t go into that too much. It’s one thing to share yourself online, it’s another to willfully drag others into that without asking.

I think my life is pretty okay. It may be a bit disorganised sometimes, but I am happy with it. Maybe that’s the key. Writing a blog to remind myself that I actually like the life I am living, even when it doesn’t always go the way I want to. Like with the kitchen remodeling.

But I’ll get back to you on that subject. A new blog awaits

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