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  • Failing to get things done

    Failing to get things done

    Last week I fully commited to a once a week blogpost and here I am: failing to get things done on time. It is always good to commit to a plan that seems reasonable at the time. But it is always possible that things don’t go to plan. I have made some progress in areas […]

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Hi, I am Daenelia

  • September drawing challenge

    Welcome to September and my personal drawing challenge! This feels like a new start again and I am ready to go and step up my content production. When I first started my bullet journal I also started a daily doodle to sharpen my drawing skills. That was a lot of fun and I wanted to […]

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  • Drawn into Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    I never did a post about games, did I? And here I am, totally hooked on the perfect game for this time: Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Both of us love playing video games and board games. My guy may have a different preference, but mostly we can play a lot of the same games. Animal […]

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  • Absolutely a new penguin t-shirt design

    Hurry, if you want to catch the discount and get free shipping on the latest designs in Design by Daenelia t-shirt shop! Starting 6th May 2020 until 10th May no shipping costs on orders through my webshop. And yes, absolutely do I have a new penguin design ready!

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