What to do in Florence, Italy

Italy has been on our To Visit List for ages. And last year we finally got around to visit there. We picked Florence, Italy for its climate, beautiful landscape and because of the art. The art! Florence breathes art. Of course there are other things: gelato, great food and warm weather. It has a rich and intriguing history and very nice people (who are probably fed up with all us tourists tramping around). But you want to know what we did, right?

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The cat who wanted to be alone

When my guy and I moved in together there was no doubt that we would adopt pets. We decided on getting a cat first, as cats need a little less hands-on attention than dogs. My guy had lived with a dog when he was a kid, but had no experience with cats. I have had the pleasure of living with several cats throughout my life, so I felt it was up to me to choose the right cat for us. How did I do that?

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Vacation planning sheets

Vacation for us is a time to see and do new things and relax. Taking time to organise see and do things we enjoy is actually not that relaxing, so we tend to plan ahead. First we pick our holiday destination and then we do research to find out what is ‘touristy’ to do and what ‘locals’ do. If any of that matches our own interests, we make sure to find time to see and do it. But how do we keep track of our vacation planning? This is how we get organised!

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